Mar. 6th, 2011

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Sorry I have not been around more kids but between work and a low-level ick which completely took over my brain this morning it's been all I can do some time to just function. In an interesting out of left field moment my boss and I had a discussion about my flunkie and how I have been enabling her by not letting her do more of my job and fail if need be. Guess last week's cards were spot on in a way that totally took me by surprise. Well let's see what I have in store this week. :)

First card

Adder (C)(R) Abandon he ability to wound and replace it with the power to heal. Use the power of the adder to channel that transformative power into the power to heal. Learn how to love and channel the currents of our bodies.

where the hell was this last night? sigh...

Second card

Earth Dragon (C)(R) You may be relating inappropriately to your inner reserves and potential. Be careful with the guardian of your soul. Do not try to kill him or wrest the treasure from him. A precipitous attempt to capitalize on your talents may be unwise.

interesting... not sure what to make of that one.

Hopefully this week will be less chaotic and more filled with healthy goodness. I also hope everyone else does as well.


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