Feb. 27th, 2011

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Owwwww..... This week has been one of fighting off a low level ick. A few days of headaches and general down time made getting through the week extra special hard but not impossibly so. However, there were some good decisions made this week with help from some very very smart people. Let's see what the coming week has in store :)

First card -

Armadillo (NA)- It's time to ask yourself why you have become a "yes" person. Define your boundaries. Ask yourself why you continue to fall back in to that pattern. Reclaim your space.

What???? Me????  *sigh* yes .. I will have to keep an eye out for this one.

Second card -

Hawk (C)- Take a little time out to free yourself of your baggage and put your life in perspective. Knowing where you have come from sets you free to fly where you need. When you sense your roots and the breadth of your life, you will start to have a sense of pride. Then you will be able to make decisions with confidence.

What is this without baggage you speak of? Good luck :) 
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Well once again I have fallen off the wagon. You can tell because I haven't been here to tell you how badly I have been doing. Last week was filled with anxiety days and those make me want to fill my face with muffins. lol. However instead of beating myself up which only causes more muffin eating every time I put a muffin in my mouth (yes actual muffins- what were you thinking I meant?) I made sure that my next meal was healthy. The most interesting thing I learned was simply the fact that high anxiety days make me crave sweet carbs like no others.

There have been too many days to write what I have had suffice it to say that it was some bad some good. I do remember one day where all I had was three muffins and a salad. Not my finest day. In the end I didn't gain any weight and actually lost a pound so the balancing act must have paid off.

Oh, and we are going to pretend tonight's pizza rolls and cheesy fries never happened ok? ;) 

This week we start walking! 


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