Feb. 20th, 2011

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 This is the letter I received from my contact at the Tropicana-

Deluxe Rooms
8/3 $47.99
8/4 $47.99
8/5 $103.99
8/6 $103.99
8/7 $47.99
VIP Breeze check in
Waive daily resort fee
            Please keep in mind the rates may change until we make the reservation and the above rates do not include tax. If you find a lower rate, I will price match as well as long as I can verify that rate. A benefit to booking with me directly is that your resort fee is waived, you do not need to pay the entire reservation in advance and you have my personal assistance.

I have looked around and this is the cheapest rate going for a hotel in the thick of the good end of the strip. You can call, let them know you are with the Lisa Wood party (or Lisa Hagar) and they should give you this rate. Most hotels charge for at least one night's average, which in this case is 109.00 or thereabouts. I have asked her if waiving the resort fee means we no longer have access to those services and am waiting for her to get back to me on that. If any of you have any other questions you would like me to ask her please let me know.
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  Well after last week's little adventure I certainly hope this week is a little calmer. Not sure what to think about this week's cards. Shall we see? 

First card -

Raccoon (NA)- If Raccoon has bounded into your cards today it's time to think about who needs your strength. Stand up for someone who is being gossiped about, help someone in need. However remember that to help you must ensure they can stand on their own two feet. Enabling someone does not honor their spirit.
(what ? who? me? I enable???  sigh... yes..looks like I have my work cut out for me. )

and a second card which fell into my lap-

Seal (C)- Heed the sire call of the Unknown. Let it bring you transformation, love and healing. We fear that call from our beginnings, from our brother and sisters from the animal realm who are closer to the Source than we can imagine. Do not let your intellect imprison your heart. Head the call.

(ok...another reference to the Source and transformation.. i sense long range plans here) 

and the card for the other thing

Otter (C)(R)- Stop trying to go against the flow. Some times you just have to relax and enjoy the ride. Let go and trust that life, for now, has ou on the right track. Otter urges you to play but reminds you that all play and no work is an avoidance of life.

hmmm... this is a control freak's worse nightmare


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