Feb. 8th, 2011

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So today was the complete opposite of yesterday. Started down, probably around a 3 and slowly worked it's way up to a 6 or so. Hardest part is thinking clearly enough to make good choices about food. Right about 9 this morning for no reason I started to tear up, overwhelmed by sadness I had no idea no clue the source. Almost at the same time I had this gigantic craving for *anything* sweet. I was obsessed by the need for something, anything, sweet. Even suspecting that the two were linked I prowled the lunchroom looking for anything to put the craving to bed and like a gift from some dark, evil heaven came Sharon with a sample of her best vanilla pudding pie for me to try. *sigh* It was a cruel joke the Universe tried to play one me and one I was too weak to resist. However, instead of beating myself up about it I simply made a smarter choice for lunch.

Today's attempt at food )

So not as good as yesterday but better than lately. Also the idea of a quick sweet or fruit when I have those sugar cravings is a great idea and I think it's one I am definitely going to implement. :)

Night all.


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