Feb. 3rd, 2011

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  Well the winter has finally done my car in I think. Between the icy bumps in the road and her failing health she is on her last leg. Pinky's parents signed their car over to us in November but we have been putting off getting it as we had other bills to catch up on before we could afford to put the extra car on the road. Yesterday we made the call that now was the time. We needed to get the wagon off the road before it got worse. Pinky called his parents, figured out we could meet them in Greenfield and drive up with them and new plates to grab the GrandAm. I called the insurance company today, gave them all the information I had and told our agent we would be in about 3 to grab and go. Unfortunately or ironically when we got to the insurance agency the last lone man in the parking lot informed us that the company had closed because the roof was in danger of collapsing! Maybe they would be open tomorrow, he wasn't sure.

  Taking snow off a roof sounded like such a great idea we went right home and Pinky went right up the ladder to attack our roof with screwdriver and shovel. Don't tell him I said this but watching him up there attacking the ice, covered in snow, beard glistening with sweat and ice crystals..man how sexy he is. Such a primitive reaction lol - man use strength and tools - woman totally turned on. Its sad but I do enjoy watching him work.

 Ok, time to return to vampires of a different sort. One more sunny day I hope.


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