Feb. 2nd, 2011

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 After yesterday's post about food and mental health someone suggested I blog about my own issues and journey with food and my bipolar. It is something I have been trying to do for quite some time now so instead of talking about it it's time to just do it. My question to you all is - are you interested? Would you read my food musings? Do you think it should be public or private? talk to me oh wise ones.. :)
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  Thanks to Pinky I braved the blzzaster (and don't get me started on why that is so very wrong) and made it into work today. He pushed the car down our street so I could make it to one that was plowed well enough to drive without manual help. The ride in was harrowing but not overly difficult. I honestly think today was easier than yesterday road-wise.

  Work was - shockingly sparse. They closed production so it was just the offices and of those people there couldn't have been more than 25 of us. There was a festive, "the grown-ups have left us alone in the house" kind of feel. Many of us are glued to the events in Egypt. We gathered around the t.v. to watch coverage of the storm and people being chased by camels in a far off warm land. My one minion has family who lives in Cairo so tonight I hope her family is safe and untouched by the trouble there.

  The AC in the lunchroom is a bit problematic. Every once in a while (that means at least weekly) it blows hot air instead of cool. This means the AC then says "oh..its hot- I should work harder" and blows more hot air. This means the AC then says "oh..it's hot - I should work harder"  you see where this is going? Today the lunchroom was *hot* . the thermometer said it was about 92 at one point, when the grill was up and running. A call to maintenance was useless. (Sorry, i can't fix it. I am going home soon) My inner polar bear spent the day gazing longingly out the window at the beautifully cold snow.

  By the time work was done most of the snow/sleet/ice had stopped. I was geared up to be able to get in the car and go go go home. The car however had something else in mind. I got in, started her up, grabbed my brush, got the car cleaned off and then...I was locked out. with. the. car. running. *headdesk* Panicked I ran to the guard shack to see if the Securitas guard (Nick is his name and not only is he cute as all get out, he is one of the nicest guys I know) He made a few calls, kept me calm and got a great guy from Luzi's in Wilbraham to come and get me into the car. Having never done this before it was fascinating to see how they break into cars now a days. ;) So a potential stressball situation turned into an opportunity to meet a new, nifty person. The guy from Luzi's was telling me about his day plowing. My goodness these guys have been put through the wringer these last few storms! I know I have been complaining about the city not getting to my streets fast enough but that doesn't mean I would throw things at the plows and hurl abuse at them as they clear the roads.

  Now I am home, in warm dry clothes, my knee is sore as hell from gods knows what,American Idol is on the t.v., the cats are with their respective owners snuggled in and I can finally relax and think about Imbolc today.

 Here we are at winter's midpoint. The current in favor rodent has said spring wil be here sooner than usual which for New England means May I think. Here in the middle of winter when there is nothing else to distract you there is nothing to do but look inward and focus on those wonderful handcrafts. Spring is coming. It's inevitable. Now is the time to plan for the spring. Lay a strong foundation for what is to come.

  A little grr, a little panic, a lot of fun and my honey to snuggle with at the end of the day. Not too shabby.


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