Jan. 23rd, 2011

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 Ok, I will say this once just to get it out of my system-

  Great Googely Moogely it's cold! Tonight will be colder. While the chilly weather is not easy to deal with I would rather have it zero degrees than 30 and snow. As much as I love winter it's the cold that gets me going.
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  Right smack dab in the middle of winter we are with Imolc just a week and some away. The cold make everything twice as hard to do yet life moves on. What will this chilly week bring? 

First card -

Blackbird (C)(R) - Blackbird is the smith's bird and his song may be calling you to work at the forge of your heart. All four elements are used in metal-working (and glass making btw) and to have a healthy and balanced life you must work with these four elements integrating our minds, hearts, instinct and intuition. Use all four to create a life of passion and purpose.

  Well this does dovetail with some thoughts that I have been throwing around in my head lately. Curse you for reading my mind.

and the second

Frog (C)- Don't judge a book by it's cover! There is hidden beauty in the world and a hidden power in nature. Open yourself up to both. Look behind appearances to find joy.

 Interesting. Not sure how this will play out.

Last week did reveal a few secrets which as a Scorpio and well, grown up I can't reveal. Let's just say one may be helpful and one is just damn juicy. the one that came to me unbidden in a dream will need play out over time.


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