Jan. 20th, 2011

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So another 5 day on my bipolarbear scale. While I am enjoying this look at the normal side of life I also wonder when the bubble will burst. Hopefully it bursts up because my throat is scratchy and all the coughing is making my ribs sore so a good up stretch will make those symptoms a little more bearable.

tomorrow I sit down with the boss and talk to him about this pay thing. People on all 3 shifts are asking me if i am going after the mail room job. It's weird how quickly rumor flies through a place of business. About 2/3rds of those who ask are afraid I will leave the lunchroom which is sweet and flattering. Hopefully the boss sees what a good idea it will be to keep me where I am. ;) 

  Even thought it's chilly out and the future is uncertain instead of sitting down as soon as we get home from work I am forcing myself to keep working for a bit. No online activity until at least 630-7 is helping too.

 Ok, reading time. :) 


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