Jan. 9th, 2011

Animal Card

Jan. 9th, 2011 02:39 pm
sylvari: (Sekhmet)
Well I haven't been here much lately I know (more on why in a bit) but something don't change so here are my cards for the week. :) 

First card -

Raven (C)(R)- Raven reminds us that there is no light without darkness. It is time to come to terms with your own destructiveness- a rage that has perhaps been buried for years. It may also mean we can come to the resolution of opposites, experiencing the idea that there is darkness in light and light in darkness.

 oh damn.. many times I am not sure what my cards are trying to tell me but in this case I know 100 % what they are telling me. How the hell I solve this dark rage I do not know but it looks like this is the week to do it. I have been thinking about this all weekend so it's like someone read my mind. ooooohhhh....

and the Second

Cow (C)(R)- How freely are you giving of yourself? If you feel anxious then you are less likely to give or receive that which others offer. Now is the time to examine why you think your resources are limited and remember those that give also receive.

  Yeah! so there :P  actually this is neither a shock nor surprising. Something for someone to work on.

Last week I started this whole find my roots thing as Salmon indicated I should. The things I am learning are pretty nifty actually. The hardest part is wedding the me of my genetics with the me of my soul. That will be an ongoing process it seems.

Ok, time to add to the stew.


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