Jan. 2nd, 2011

Animal Card

Jan. 2nd, 2011 12:06 pm
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 First reading of the new year! Such a beautiful day. Perhaps it's just the general mood but things feel way more....optimistic today than they have in a long time. There are things afoot at work and while I am doing my best not to go digging for secrets it is not easy. So very not easy.

  First Card - 

Salmon (C)-Journey to the beginning, to the place of our birth is the message of Salmon. Maintain an attitude of openness and innocence and seek your beginnings whether that is your childhood or even further back to beyond your beginning in this life. Here you will find wisdom. 

   Well...umm..how timely. 

Second card- there were two of them so I present both. These things do happen. 

Bee (C)- Bee is reminding us to take time to celebrate! This is a good week to raise a toast to something. Bee is here to connect us to our community and the Goddess. Celebrate! 

 Butterfly (NA)- Butterfly asks you to check where you are in this transformation. Once you figure out how far into the transformation you are you can then look to see what message Butterfly is sending you to help you progress to the next stage. 

  So much food for thought. I hope there is some hard, deep thinking going on there.

ok, off to clean breakfast up.  
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Well I was going to crochet this afternoon but my fingers are killing me so instead I will torture myself by writing a little here about some of the things I would like to accomplish this year.

Some of the goals I set last year I did not make so I am going to carry them over to this year. The two biggest are lose 20 lbs or be in much better shape whichever is the best for my body and get my arms done finally. I may not be as close as I like to the healthy goal but I will just keep trying until I get it right. What else can I do? 

One of my goals this year is to look more into my family. After the discovery of new cousins at work I have been more and more curious about my Slavic roots. If nothing else it should be a great educational experience. I have "learn to speak polish" podcasts downloaded to my phone so that I can communicate more effectively if needed with people to help me on my way. I will also have to learn to read Polish at some point too however for now it's baby steps.

Pinky and I used to go urban crawling with camera in hand looking for inspiring pictures and I think it's time to get that going again. I have a picture on my desk we took in Holyoke one afternoon with the Mich which I absolutely adore and every time I look at it there is a longing to get out there and see what else can be revealed to Pinky's artistic eye.

I have a lampworking kit!! OMG! You have to know it's killing me not to have it set up already. First we need to clear an area to work, grab a bottle of gas and work our way through the How To book that came with it as well as every YouTube video ever made on glass beadwork. Look..patience.. who knew? ;) 

There is still sewing that needs to be learned too. I have not forgotten that there is are pieces of a dress waiting for me to stumble my way through this learning process. Now that the holidays are over things will hopefully get back to a regular schedule which means back up to the Sunderedlands I go.

 Speaking of the Sunderedlands in a sideways fashion- Inevitably this journey was going to lead me to put on my big Pagan panties and shell out the necessary ducats etc to join the gang officially.

Maybe this will be the year the boy and I become more social. lol. I doubt it mind you but you never know. There will be a bit of chaos with the whole selling the house kerfuffle that is sure to happen and my favorite reaction to chaos is to snuggle in whenever I can so we will see. This also means no garden this year as we are not sure if there will be a harvest for us. Who knows how long this process will take.

We are going out to Vegas this year for that renewal of vows thing(and you are all coming to hang with us yes? ) Hopefully there can either be a trip farther out there or if not a trip for the west to come east. that would be AMAZING! ;) 

So many other things I would like to try- I would like to do more paganey things, get back to the WMPE and people I miss there, write letters, take a class or two, pay down some of our debt, find my dad's name, read more books, do more with my hands, cook more, enjoy the outdoors more, spend more time with friends, see more of people who aren't close friends yet and make them so, learn more on my path, and continue to grow as a person.
It doesn't matter how much of these I accomplish just that I keep trying. :) 


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